Pozi’s Fresh Grill

We love preparing fresh Greek food for you.

In 1982 Peter Pozikerides, a Greek immigrant, opened Pozi’s Grill in Tarzana. Mr Pozi , as he was known, always made customers feel like guests and friends, serving them with Pozi’s oh-so-good, healthy Mediterranean dishes. Today we proudly continue in his tradition of serving the highest quality delicious Mediterranean dishes to our guests.

Gelato d’ Pozi’s

Gelato may be Italian for ice cream, but gelato and ice cream are two very different products. First, while the fat content of ice cream ranges between 15% and 22%, Gelato d’ Pozi,s has a much lower fat content, between 6% and 8%. Second, what little fat found in Gelato d’ Pozi’s comes from the highest quality fresh milk, while the fat present in ice cream is often due to the use of industrially-produced butter. Third, lower fat content allows the texture of Gelato d’ Pozi’s to stay silkier and softer than ice cream. Happily, less fat in Gelato d’ Pozi’s does not mean a diminished creamy taste … quite the opposite, actually! Chef Pozi likes to say, “Half the fat, double the flavor!” Read More…